Books about books for budding bibliophiles

Here are two adorable children’s books to read out loud, and which will entertain the adult booklover just as much as the little ones. Both are stories about impossibly cute biblioklepts but they are very different and because it will be difficult to choose which one to get, sooner or later you will probably end up with both of them on your shelves…


Emily MacKenzie

Wanted! Ralfy Rabbit, Book Burglar

Bloomsbury 2014, 32 pages

Ralfy Rabbit is the ultimate little bibliophile – he wants to read books all the time, he dreams about them and makes lists about them. But then he begins to steal them and that’s when the trouble starts… a very funny little story!

Helen & Thomas Docherty

The Snatchabook

Alison Green Books 2013, 32 pages

In every house, in every bed, a bedtime book was being read....

A story in rhymes about storybooks disappearing in Burrow Down where a little rabbit is determined to find out where they have gone.

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