This is for the women out there...

Dr. Jacqueline Hornor Plumez

The Bitch in Your Head.

Taylor Trade Publishing 2015, 173 pages

This one is mainly for the ladies… 

Oh, so this time you actually thought I’d post a photo of some good-looking shirtless hunk, did you?  

Well, sorry to disappoint you – it’s just about another book. Again… groan… 

Before I start, let me say that this book is not going to magically transform your life by next week and much of what is in there, we’ve read or heard a dozen times over. Some of the advice is a bit simplistic or naïve. No, the reason I’m recommending this one is because of the basic idea here. It is something I understand well. And you will probably recognize it too.

Speaking from experience, most of the women I know – my family members, my friends and myself – we are all bitches.


Not to other people.


But to ourselves.


Would you ever say to your friend or your sister or cousin “Really? Did you have to have three glasses of wine AND the dessert yesterday? No wonder you look so fat in those jeans!” or “you really should feel like crap about forgetting Aunt Marge’s birthday last week. You are so forgetful, such a horrible person.”?


I will assume you wouldn’t.

(If you do, you are also a bitch to other people and probably need more help than this one book.)


Even the most beautiful women I know can launch into tirades about their physical flaws (invisible to all but themselves). My gorgeously sexy (and intelligent) friend Ella gets an incredible amount of attention from the opposite sex, but if you let her describe herself, you will think she is talking about a troll. Almost every woman I know who has children feels guilty, whether they work, stay at home or juggle both. I know women with spotless homes who apologize for the mess when guests come over. Despite being fluent in German, I often beat myself up mentally when I use the wrong article (there are three in German: der, die and das) a few times in one day or make some other grammar mistake. Idiot! How can I be so stupid when I have lived here for over twenty years!


This is The Bitch in Your Head that Dr. Jacqueline Hornor Plumez is referring to.


Personally, the bitch in my head has always been such a part of my thoughts for as long as I can remember that it never occurred to me to analyze or question it.


Dr. Plumez describes different kinds of bitches in short chapters: Beauty and the Bitch, Bitch of a Date, The Parenting Bitch, The Bitch at Work, Sporty Bitch, The Blame Bitch, The Party Bitch - as in I can’t go to that party alone, everyone will stare at me and I’ll just stand around looking stupid (yeah, that's me all right...) - and many more.


So, yes, read this - you are sure to find your own personal bitch(es) here. And when the bitch rears her nasty head next time, ask yourself if you would talk like that to your friends or family members.


Also read the last part of the website (What if men were as self-critical as women?) because it will keep you laughing for the rest of the day. And your brilliant smile will turn heads (which in turn will make the bitch in your head shut up at least for a day…)

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