Johanna Sinisalo - Salattuja voimia. Opas valoisille ja pimeille poluille

Johanna Sinisalo

Salattuja voimia

Bookwell Oy, 361 pages


Short stories based on or inspired by actual long-distance hikes the author has been on - literally all over the world-  from the Dolomites to the Alps, from England to New Zealand to the Appalachian Trail. Anecdotes from her trips accompany each story, most of which delve into the darker regions of the human mind – as to be expected!*

In the last section she includes practical advice and tips ranging from what to pack and detailed information on how to go about planning a long-distance hike yourself.

Makes one want to run to the nearest outdoor equipment store to buy tents, flashlights and maps of pretty much the entire world.

(*The Finnish title translates to: Hidden Powers. A Guide to Light and Dark Paths)

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