Funniest menu ever!

My sister ate at this Russian restaurant in San Diego last week and sent me this link.

This has to be the funniest menu I have ever seen!

(And the food there was every bit as good as she had been hoping for as well.) 

Here is one sample of a description from the menu:

Tabaka:  Is not your fried yard bird. A plump and juicy fried Cornish hen is split down the middle with crisp skin is a poem of a meal on its own. Please allow 25 minutes to catch the bird, stick it under a rock, and to fry it. Like Loresha purrs, "Your mouth will be delighted like never before, with this tasty, fiery marvel from the Caucasus.”$17

All right, here is one more:

Dedushka Special: tea (tea is not vodka, you cannot drink a lot) from samovar with brandy and different jams. (S)$3.50 but no brandy (I)$5 with brandy

*Dedushka over 100 years eats in our restaurant for free - Babushka of 100 years old and up eats for free as long she promises not to stick her nose into our lives or kitchen.

...and this part was good too...:


4 possibilities for dining sizes: Communist (priced for the people at $2.87), Socialist(S), Imperialist(I), and Anarchist(A-amount and price change daily.) Ask your server for pricing on the different sizes.


*To those paying in cash we offer a glass of free tea from the village of Gusevka or a bone for your dog to encourage financial responsibility.

I know where I want to eat when I visit San Diego!

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