Iceland – a bibliophile’s dream country


My brother Finn sent me this wonderful link about book publishing in Iceland.

I could actually feel my heart beat faster reading about the bókatíðindi, the annual book catalog which lists about 90% of all the books published that year in Iceland and which is sent to every household. Wannahaveitnow! 


Reading this article I also notice (for the first time) that there exists something called UNESCO City of Literature, because Reykjavík apparently is one. Here is their website in English: 


And for bibliophiles looking to visit this small island (which has becoming increasingly interesting to me during the past hour!) it seems that April 8-12, 2015 would be the perfect time to go, no matter what the weather is. That is when the next Iceland Writers Retreat will be held and local and international fiction and non-fiction authors will be lecturing and holding workshops in Reykjavík! 


All of this is almost reason enough to learn Icelandic, isn’t it?!


At the very least I should finally get around to reading something by Halldór Laxness…


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