Two great links for word nerds!


During the past week I have received two fantastic links, one from my brother Finn and one from my dad, both of which have to do with words.


The first one is a series of illustrations for words which cannot be translated directly into English – gorgeous graphics (when they are all finished they should be printed on one big poster!) and fascinating words. So far she has even included two Finnish words among them – I won’t say which ones, take a look for yourself!

The artist, Anjani Iyer has kindly allowed me to post one of the illustrations here, and so I chose the German Backpfeifengesicht, but they are all great. I've gone back to this page over and over the past few days to look at them: 




Once you’re done looking at all of her works, all of you bibliophagists should read the Huffington Post article on ten words every book lover should know, so that the next time you come across an ultracrepidarian, you will have a word to describe him. Or her. 




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