New Finnish Books!

I was purring like a cat last week when this box of books was delivered. To be precise, the package arrived on Friday but I didn't open it until Saturday, because I knew that once it was open, all other chores would be left undone for who knows how long. Thank you to my friend Liisa who took care of buying and sending them!


The books are:


Tuula Karjalainen

Tove Jansson. Tee työtä ja rakasta.


Miina Supinen



Jyrki Kiiskinen



Tommi Liimatta



Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen

Sielut kulkevat sateessa


And this children's book, which I couldn't resist:


Malin Kivelä and Linda Bondestam

Pixonin pojat ja TV:n kotoisa kajo

(translated from Swedish)


Now the only question is - which book to read first...




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