Anthony McCarten - In the Absence of Heroes

Anthony McCarten

In the Absence of Heroes (Deutsch: Ganz normale Helden)


Another recommendation from Monika Külper at Slawski. New Zealand author Anthony McCarten read there last year and it was the most entertaining author reading I have been to (with Jo Nesbø at the Hamburg KrimiFestival in 2011 close behind).


Had to read this book in German because it was unavailable in English at the time, and when someone in the audience mentioned this to Mr. McCarten, he answered that the German translations were excellent; in fact, he said, the German versions are probably better than the originals. This is a sequel to Superhero, but it’s not necessary to read that first. In this book, Donald is dead and his family is trying to survive without him. Renata, the mother, starts chatting with someone named God and Donald’s brother Jeff has all but disappeared into an online game called Life of Lore. Following Jim, Jeff’s father, as he tries to get in touch with Jeff anonymously through this computer game provide for some of the most hilarious scenes imaginable.


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