Internet searches always lead to books!


It doesn’t matter what I am searching for in the Internet, I almost always end up on the subject of books and reading, no matter how irrational the connection seems. 


Last summer I googled for information on a Labrador Retriever Hunt Test which was to take place somewhere in Niedersachsen in September, but I couldn’t remember the name of the city, so I typed in JP/R (Jugendprüfung für Retriever) and the name of the town I thought it was in, but got sidetracked because the third entry in Google read Jaipur Literature Festival, which I had to click on immediately. Sounds like an enormous and spectacular event, so I found myself wondering how on earth I could find an excuse to travel to India in January. Of course I did not find any pretext to do so, but for a few minutes, just the prospect felt exhilarating, and who knows, perhaps one day…

(It is advertised as the world's largest free literary event and will take place again January 21-25, 2015) And I did find the location of the Hunt Test but not until a few weeks later.




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