Katie Roiphe - In Praise of Messy Lives

Katie Roiphe

In Praise of Messy Lives


Collection of essays on everything from books to perfect parents, private schools in NYC and twitter. The essay The Angry Commenter begins like this:

A new species has risen from the shallows of the Internet: the angry commenter. Sure, there is a long tradition of inspired cranks and interested retirees who have always written letters to the editor, but something in the anonymity and speed and stamplessness of the Internet has unleashed a more powerful and uncontrolled vitriol. I am not here talking about the thoughtful, intelligent comments, which also abound, but rather the bile unloosed, flashes of fury and unexamined rage that pass as "comment".

I love her style and impatience with this relatively prude, healthy, overly politically correct veneer in many parts of our society that seems to be getting thicker and thicker.

More of her writing here: